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Send and Receive Faxes from Any Computer
Fax machines are expensive and take up too much room. With FaxFreedom you can now simply send and receive faxes from any computer!  
E-Mail Delivery of Faxes
No need to repeatedly get up and go over to the fax machine when your faxes are conveniently delivered to your computer via any email address of your choice.  
Archive Your Faxes for Quick Retrieval
Store and label any of your faxes in a special folder for easy access. The next time you need to send the same fax, you'll know where to find it!  
Personal Internet Control Panel for
Administering Your Account
Complete access to administering your account, along with detailed call reports as to who called into your system!  


Personal Nationwide Toll Free Fax Number
Caller ID Capture on Incoming Faxes
Send and Receive Faxes from Any Computer
Unlimited Fax Storage Capacity
Archive Your Faxes on a Computer
for Quick Retrieval
Call-back or Pager Notification Whenever a Fax is Received
Email Delivery of Faxes
No Additional Equipment Required
Lowest Price Available Anywhere
Personal Internet Control Panel Detailing All Account Activity

Research conducted by FreedomVOICE Systems indicates the
average fax speed is approximately 1 minute per page.
Actual fax speed may vary.


FreedomVOICE donates a portion of proceeds
every month to Children's Hospital and Health Center.

Click here to find out how you can help children who need you now.


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